Q: How soon can I walk on my carpet after it has been cleaned?

A: Throughout the drying process, it is essential to keep off of the carpeting as long as possible. We? recommend?that you?wait 24 hours before?you remove the protective covering. However, your carpet will certainly be safe?to?walk on 4 hrs after the cleaning is complete.

Q:?How often should I get my carpet cleaned?

A: It depends on?what kind of carpet you have. Points to take into consideration are how much?traffic the carpet sees on a daily basis, and who is using the carpet. Generally, it is a good idea?to have your carpeting professionally?cleaned at?least once a year. Dirt can accumulate?quickly if your carpet sees a lot of foot?traffic, and the more people that walk on?the carpeting, the?more deeply the?dirt will?get embedded into the fibers. By employing the services of a professional carpeting cleaning business, you can?keep your carpet looking brand-new and fresh.

Q: How long does it take get my carpet cleaned?

A: A top quality carpeting cleaning firm can?clean about 400 square feet of carpet per hour. However, this?can?vary based upon the amount of?dirt in your carpet and the amount of furniture that?has to be moved out of the way.

Q: Why should I have my carpeting professionally?cleaned?

A: Professional?carpet cleaning companies will?be able to?use of state-of-the-art methods and tools to? restore your carpet to its original appeal. Our?specialists are expertly trained and are incredibly proficient at returning?carpet to its original charm. Without the expertise, equipment, and competence of a qualified carpet cleaning company, it can easily be extremely hard for a homeowner to?get?carpets as clean as possible.